Row Your Fat Off: How to Use the Rowing Machine to Achieve Your Fat Loss Goals

The ORIGINAL and most popular rowing fitness book!

Row Your Fat Off is the ULTIMATE guide for the beginning rower who has just recently purchased a rowing machine and is looking for a structured guide to not only learning how to row, but how to use the rowing machine to achieve fat loss! In 118 pages, this book will cover EVERYTHING you'll need to know to achieve success towards your weight-loss goals with the rowing machine! Also included is a nutritional guideline and a 4-week beginner's workout program specifically designed to help you burn fat and create a sustainable routine for both your dietary habits and exercise! If you have no idea what to do with your new rowing machine and are looking to burn fat, build muscle, and improve your fitness, THIS is the book for you!


  • Learn why rowing is one of the BEST exercises you can do!

  • A detailed breakdown of proper rowing technique to help you MAXIMIZE each workout!

  • A comprehensive guide on warming up, cooling down, and using a variety of rowing technique drills to improve your rowing performance and keep you injury-free!

  • Learn about the rowing monitor and how to use the monitor data to track your progress!

  • Learn to create a fool-proof, sustainable, and realistic approach to your dietary habits!

  • 4-week guided workout program complete with a variety of fun and challenging workouts designed specifically to help you burn fat and improve your fitness over time!

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