Row Your Fat Off: Beginner Fat-Loss Workout Program ONLY

You know how to row, you just want the workout program ONLY!

This book is a comprehensive 4-week rowing machine workout program designed primarily for those that are fairly new to using the rowing machine or new to fitness routines in general. This book includes ONLY the workout program portion of the full text, 'Row Your Fat Off: How to Use the Rowing Machine to Achieve Your Fat-Loss Goals'.  Whether you are someone with a deep background in fitness or someone who has never stepped foot in a gym before, every workout in this program is designed to challenge you and progress you towards greater aerobic and anaerobic fitness, more self-confidence, and help you lose excess body fat! Every workout is goal-oriented to help keep you focused, engaged, and excited for every day from start to finish! THIS is your gateway towards achieving the fat-loss you've been looking for. Just follow along each day, giving your best day in and day out, and I PROMISE you that you will walk away from this program fitter, stronger, and more confident than when you started!


  • Comprehensive 4-week rowing machine workout program

  • Perfect for rowing beginners and those that have never tried a rowing workout program

  • Day-to-day workout guidance from start to finish

  • Challenging, engaging, and fun workouts every time you sit down to row

  • Motivation to stay focused and on-track towards your goals

  • Guaranteed improvements to your fitness and self-confidence

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