NEW 8-Week Workout Program

8 Weeks of FAT-BURNING Workouts!

This program is an 8-week workout program designed to help you lose excess body-fat while improving your rowing form and fitness. The workouts are specifically structured to help you progress over the 8-weeks! You are GUARANTEED to see results in your rowing fitness! These workouts are all UNIQUE and DIFFERENT than the original 4-week program!


  • 8 weeks of 100% FULLY guided workouts
  • Worry-free weekly workout organization
  • Dozens of fun and engaging rowing workouts spanning a variety of intensity levels
  • Motivation and inspiration to achieve your fitness goals
  • A program designed for both beginners and advanced individuals
  • Best to be used AFTER the original 'Row Your Fat Off!' book
  • Guaranteed improvements to your rowing or your money back!

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USD 19.99

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