"Monthly Meters" 4-Week Rowing Cardio & Weight-Loss Training Plan (MAY 2021)

Another month of fun, progressive rowing workouts designed for any fitness level!

“Monthly Meters” is a 4-week progressive rowing training plan designed to make your rowing workouts fun, engaging, purposeful, and most importantly, progressive! These workouts are specifically designed with progress in mind!

The idea is simple: provide you with structure to your rowing routine on a month-to-month basis, regardless of experience or rowing machine!

Every month you will find a new “Monthly Meters” training plan to row with! Each plan includes 4 weeks worth of workouts with 4 workout per week. The workouts include two endurance workouts, and two HIIT workouts per week. Each workout takes around 20-30 minutes to complete!

What you’ll find in this month’s program:

  • Guided workout training schedule to help you best plan your workouts!

  • Detailed breakdown of all workouts so you know exactly how to approach every workout - even if you’re a total beginner!

  • Warm-up and cool-down stretches and techniques

  • Accountability through progress and workout tracking

  • The most fun rowing workouts of your life! PERFECT for all fitness levels!

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USD 15.99

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